1. LoFI Future - OctoTron Expander

    PCB Design for the 8-Step Sequencer is almost done, Im calling this thing the OctoTron Expander. This sequencer is very primitive. As you will notice there are no step on/off switches and no transistor outputs to pull a proper gate from. It has simply one voltage output. The KORG Monotron likes to receive CV via gate for some reason, so sending this one voltage in to the monotron works just fine. You can also send this voltage into the cut off CV and modulate it, there is an on board switch to send the sequence to the pitch or cut off. The steps can be turned of by turning them all counter clockwise. This is possible thanks to a dead spot in the 1n914 diodes, when the pots are turned down, the 1n914 drops out all the voltage and basically breaks the connection, just like a switch.

    On board 9V and 3V regulators lets the sequencer and monotron run off of a 12V wall wart. Sync in is conditioned and wired to connect into the internal 555 clocks trigger input. It can accept basically anything you throw at it, from a TR626 clock to a line level audio signal.

    This board is designed to be mounted via its pot and 2 PCB standoffs from a custom cut panel that will also host the monotorn on 2 PCB standoffs and a supporting bracket.

    What this means for the builder, is an easy assembly that could be accomplished within half a day.

    This will work with all 3 monotron models. With the DUO its really nice since the voltage from the pots is pitched quantized in key.

  2. Rehoused KORG Monotron/GrooveBoy Prototype/MPC500/8 Step Sequencer


  3. The SQ4015 Prototype is on sale over at my big cartel store for £50

    A perfect match for the KORG monotron. Easily synced to a DAW or drum machine via the built in Audio to trigger converter.

  4. 8 Step Analogue Sequencer & Custom Korg Monotron

  5. Studio setups - From past to present [Revised]

  6. Custom Korg MicroPreset M500


    -Audio input routed to the filter

    -Red LED strip under key bed that strobes in time with the LFO

    -Trigger/Gate switch (military grade toggle switch, latching and momentary)

    (Source: lofifuture.com)

  7. Korg Octotron Demo/Explanation 

    (Source: lofifuture.com)

  8. (Source: lofifuture.com)

  9. A sneak peak at the newly completed Octotron [Montron +8 step sequencer]

    I’ll put some pics and a video up tomorrow, for now, I need sleep

  10. KORG Octotron Demo/Test (Modified KORG Monotron with 8 step sequencer)

    Here are some sweet sounds of my latest synth creation with some keys (: (Delay from RV7000 reverb)

    Hoping to finish this project tomorrow, lets hope I don’t get lazy. 

    Oh and re-filming the S2800 bend tutorial over the next few days, lost half of the footage! just going to have to reverse engineer it for the video