1. Custom Roland TR505 


    - 8 volume controls for each drum group
    - 4 tone controls on first 4 channels
    - 5 distortion switches on first 5 channels
    - 8 signal LEDS (flashes when drum triggers)
    - Rotary switch for 5 bends + activity LED
    - Built in APC triggered by conga drums (with optional LDR control)
    - Trigger outs on channels 7/8 (congas/cowbells)
    - Custom painted TR505 case re-labeled with letraset
    - Extended enclosure made out of recycled wood
    - Frosted acrylic panel with red LED back light
    - Small LED strip positioned under hood over the screen provides a font lite for the screen in dark situations (has its own switch)
    -Battery pack located under plywood panel at back of case.

    Click For A Detailed Description On LoFiFuture.com

    Demo Video

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