1. LoFi Future - GrooveBoy XL

    GBA powered MIDI workstation

    • 2 GBA SP AGS 001 motherboards synced via MIDI over Arduinoboy
    • Stereo passive mixer
    • Analog Steiner Parker Synthacon filter clone (mono-applied to one GBA)
    • Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay clone (stereo-applied to main mix)
    • Backlit sanwa arcade buttons (illuminate red when controlling GBA one and blue when controlling GBA two
    • External NES control pad (controls GBA two)

    Lofi future on etsy


  2. beeowl said: Do you have a sample track or video of the filter/delay? It looks incredible! Well done

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch!

    I just uploaded a couple of demos to my soundcloud, here is one


    Have a nice day!

  3. [SOLD] This filter & delay box is available for £75 here

    Shipping to the UK, EU and USA avalible

  4. Manipulating image data with external audio hardware

    I decided to create a tutorial on the process of glitching out images with hardware fx, in this example I process the image data with the synthacon clone and deep blue delay clone, but this can done with just about any fx unit.

  5. Raw data of a .bmp image processed with the analog synthacon filter

    A little experiment with the filter/delay box, obviously i built this to process sound, but my recent endevour into image manipulation lead to this. The raw data was imported into audacity, then processed though the box and re-recorded back into audacity, some splicing of original and processed data and was necessary to maintain stability in the code when converted back into an image.

    (Source: lofifuture)

  6. Steiner-Parker Synthacon HP/LP filter clone and a Deep Blue Delay clone effects box. I built this one with performance in mind, very low noise floor thanks to the build in DC power conditioner.

    The Synthacon filter and DC conditioner PCBs were designed by X1L3

    The deep blue delay clone PCB is the “Echo Blue Delay” from Fuzz Dog’s Pedal Parts

  7. Synthacon filter / Deep blue delay clone in a box

  8. The MIDI to Light Prototype Controller

    Available to buy here: http://lofifuture.bigcartel.com/

  9. Building the MIDI to relay light controller Prototype

    Available for sale HERE

  10. MIDI to light system up and running.

    Still yet to add a few more things but for the most part it is done. Was rushing to get this project done in time for a house party coming up, way ahead of schedule!